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Online Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is a very popular version of the casino favorite that lends players some very exciting new ways to play. It is very similar to the popular version Chemin de Fer, but the banker never rotates and is always played by the house.

There are some very distinct things that separate Baccarat Banque from the Chemin de Fer variation, and these are as follows:

• There are always only three decks in the shoe--or the cards that are dealt to the banker and players.
• The banker never rotates.
• Players can only wager up to the level of the banker; never more.
• Players can try to 'go bank' and beat the banker by challenging his wager. This is done by playing with the hand that was dealt originally or by going 'cheval' and distributing the bet between both of the player hands.
• Players can only 'go bank' three times in succession.
• If the player manages to beat the bank, the player and the banker switch seats or positions.

Baccarat Banque is a simple variation of the classic casino game that many players enjoy learning. It is more popular in Europe, but many North American casinos have gotten on board and begun to offer it as an option as well. For more exciting games, try the try the slots here.